My Mazda 626 air conditioning (A/C) is not working


The air conditioning started to be one extremely critical component in all of our cars, maybe as a consequence of the climate change or thanks to our preference for superior aspect of comfort.

So, you are highly attached to this functionality in your Mazda 626 and just can’t imagine traveling without it.

Although sooner or later, the air conditioning begins to reveal several bad symptoms or far worse, is not going to function!

Let’s figure out mutually the factors that may justify this failure and then how to repair the air conditioning of your vehicle.

Just before we focus on analyzing the solutions to correct the air conditioning of your car, take note that this feature breaks down as follows:

  • Compressor: This mechanical component put the refrigerant gas under pressure
  • Condenser: Located in front of the car, the condenser release the heat coming from the compressor
  • Evaporator: Located into the car, it provides fresh air to the driver and passengers
  • Thermal expansion valve: This component changes the hot hair into a fresh one
  • Drier/accumulator: These components are essential for the cleanliness of the air conditioning of your car

My Mazda 626 air conditioning is not working

Troubleshoot Air Conditioning of your Mazda 626

The air conditioning (AC) of my car is leaking

The most commonly seen reason of an air conditioning problem with a car is refrigerant leakage. Generally there are two causes that very often demonstrate that loss of refrigerant in the air conditioning: the age of your car and the existence of mold.

One more vital element to spot a likely leak: the existence of oil stain containing Freon, the pressurized gas that functions as power for the air conditioning of your car.

In case that you have some hesitation, drive your vehicle to the mechanic. The air conditioning of cars has harmful products for your health!

The air conditioning (AC) of my Mazda 626 smells bad

In cases where your car’s air conditioning emits fetid odors, you most probably have mold and several other bacteria! If you suppose it’s nothing, think again. Moreover to the terrible smell, these kinds of creatures might be dangerous to your body!

Often, only changing the air filters in your automobile’s interior definitely will delete the undesirable smell of the air conditioning

The air conditioning of my Mazda 626 is making noises

In the event that your car creates a odd sound every time you start air conditioning, you might be facing critical problem. Very often, a sound at this level should tell you that the air conditioning compressor is going to soon be dead and that you will end up without any air conditioning in your car.

At the smallest suspicious sound, move right away to your technician who is going to repair that for you!

As you can see, there are different imaginable causes for a malfunctioning air conditioning of your car. We want to advise you. Much like battery replacement of your Mazda 626 , the air conditioning system also is made up of unsafe products. Do not put your health on the line for a car, it’s not necessary!

At least but not least, a extra recommendation to you: do not let a situation of air conditioning hang. If you hesitate fixing, your your Mazda 626 won t start, which is quite more serious!

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