My Mazda 2 air conditioning (A/C) is not working


The air conditioning started to be one incredibly imperative feature in our vehicles, most likely resulting from the global warming or thanks to our style for more significant standard of convenience.

Now, you are truly attached to this excellent component in your Mazda 2 and cannot imagine driving without using it.

However, someday, the air conditioning starts to express a certain amount of bad symptoms or tougher, is unable to function!

Let’s detect mutually the points which usually demonstrate this breakdown and how to repair the air conditioning of your vehicle.

Just before we commence researching the solutions to repair the air conditioning of your car, you should know that this functionality breaks down as follows:

  • Compressor: This mechanical component put the refrigerant gas under pressure
  • Condenser: Located in front of the car, the condenser release the heat coming from the compressor
  • Evaporator: Located into the car, it provides fresh air to the driver and passengers
  • Thermal expansion valve: This component changes the hot hair into a fresh one
  • Drier/accumulator: These components are essential for the cleanliness of the air conditioning of your car

My Mazda 2 air conditioning is not working

Troubleshoot Air Conditioning of your Mazda 2

The air conditioning (AC) of my car is leaking

The most frequently found root cause of an air conditioning concern with a car is refrigerant leakage. Generally there are two causes that regularly demonstrate this loss of refrigerant in the ac: the age of your automobile and as well the occurrence of mold.

Another essential point to discover a plausible leak: the occurrence of oil stain filled with Freon, the pressurised gas that functions as resource for the air conditioning of your car.

In the case you have any kind of question, drive your vehicle to the mechanic. The air conditioning of vehicles has perilous items for your well being!

The air conditioning (AC) of my Mazda 2 smells bad

In the event your car’s air conditioning secretes acrid odours, you most certainly have mold and various other organisms! If you believe it’s no big deal, you better think again. Additionally to the unpleasant scent, these kinds of microorganisms could be damaging to your body!

Quite often, basically replacing the air filters in your vehicle’s interior definitely will remove the undesirable odor of the air conditioning

The air conditioning of my Mazda 2 is making noises

If it turns out your car generates a weird sound every time you activate air conditioning, chances are you’ll be struggling with a severe situation. Frequently, a sound at this level should tell you that the air conditioning compressor will definitely soon be lifeless and that you will end up with no air conditioning in your car.

At the merest doubtful sound, move promptly to your technician who will definitely repair that for you!

As you can see, there are several plausible causes for a crashing air conditioning of your car. We wish to notify you. Just like battery replacement of your Mazda 2 , the air conditioning system as well is made up of risky products. Do not put your well being at risk for a car, it’s not necessary!

At least but not least, a special point for you: don’t let a concern of air conditioning hang. If you delay correcting, your your Mazda 2 won t start, which would be extremely more problematic!

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