My Ford Bronco key fob won’t work


You actually decided to drive your superb Ford Bronco however, you simply can’t open up the doors thanks to your key fob!

You start to worry, curious about what appears wrong with this bloody vehicle but keep calm, it’s almost certainly nothing at all! We are going to find out jointly the most likely points that makes your key fob no longer open up your car

Initially, we should certainly check if perhaps this is a remote key trouble by simply using the backup key. In the event that you notice that the doors of your car open up by way of this key set, it is certainly the battery of your key fob letting you down. In this case the answer is very hassle-free. Find a new battery, type CR2032 or CR2025 and upgrade the damaged battery by the fresh and you’re done. You do not have to reprogram the remote key with a elementary exchange of battery.

My Ford Bronco remote key is not working

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A bad contact on your remote key?

If perhaps the unlock control key of your key fob doesn’t work although the others seem to be doing the job, it’s undoubtedly a loose connection. In this instance, you need to perhaps try to correct the bad contact alone or buy a recent key that has to be programmed to peer with your vehicle. We inform you to invest in a new key, you’re going to save time and the purchase price is not going to ruin you.

Reprogram the Remote Key of your Ford Bronco

To reprogram a remote key purchased on the internet, you should need to stick to these very simple steps, which usually fit on most vehicles. Your vehicle may well ask for various other manipulation. In this instance, just bring the documentation booklet provided with your vehicle.

  • Dive into your vehicle accompanied by your key and the remote key you previously received.
  • Stick the key right into the ignition and turn on without beginning your vehicle. Determined by your car company, you may well need to replicate this technique multiple times.
  • Soon after you have correctly activated your car directly onto program mode, which plays a sound when ever it’s done, press any button on your new remote key and you’re done.

In the event all the suggestions presented previously scares you and you don’t believe that you have the ability to repair your remote key yourself, you can easily call a mechanic.

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