My Ford Bronco air conditioning (A/C) is not working


The air conditioning developed into one highly essential item in our cars, most likely as a consequence of the climatic change or thanks to our interest for higher standard of comfort level.

So, you are very attached to this kind of component in your Ford Bronco and cannot imagine traveling without using it.

Nonetheless, one day, the air conditioning starts to reveal a couple of undesirable signals or tougher, is not going to operate!

Let’s discover collectively the explanations that may enlighten this breakdown and then how to repair the air conditioning of your automobile.

Before we start off researching the solutions to repair the air conditioning of your car, be aware that this feature breaks down as follows:

  • Compressor: This mechanical component put the refrigerant gas under pressure
  • Condenser: Located in front of the car, the condenser release the heat coming from the compressor
  • Evaporator: Located into the car, it provides fresh air to the driver and passengers
  • Thermal expansion valve: This component changes the hot hair into a fresh one
  • Drier/accumulator: These components are essential for the cleanliness of the air conditioning of your car

My Ford Bronco air conditioning is not working

Troubleshoot Air Conditioning of your Ford Bronco

The air conditioning (AC) of my car is leaking

The most usual cause of an air conditioning situation with a car is refrigerant loss. There are two causes that often demonstrate that loss of refrigerant in your ac: the age of your vehicle and the presence of mold.

One additional crucial element to diagnose a plausible leak: the presence of oil stain incorporating Freon, the condensed gas which specifically functions as power for the air conditioning of your car.

In a case where you have any type of doubt, drive your automobile to the garage. The air conditioning of cars incorporates risky products for your wellness!

The air conditioning (AC) of my Ford Bronco smells bad

If it turns out your car’s air conditioning produces putrid smells, you most certainly have mold and various organisms! If you suppose it’s no big deal, think again. Moreover to the undesirable smell, these microorganisms can be risky to your body!

Very often, just replacing the air filters in your vehicle’s interior is likely to take away the bad odor of the air conditioning

The air conditioning of my Ford Bronco is making noises

In case that your car generates a unexpected noise once you start up air conditioning, you may be standing in front of a severe problem. Generally, a noise at this level can mean that the air conditioning compressor is going to soon be broken down and that you will end up without any air conditioning in your car.

At the tiniest doubtful sound, move quickly to your auto mechanic who definitely will take action to correct that for you!

It is now obvious, there are different imaginable causes for a not working air conditioning of your car. We want to to tell you. Almost like battery replacement of your Ford Bronco , the air conditioning system also includes harmful products. Do not put your wellness in peril for a car, it’s not worth the money!

At least but not least, a free point to help you: do not let a trouble of air conditioning hang. If you hesitate fixing, your your Ford Bronco won t start, which would be extremely more problematic!

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