My Honda Rafaga won’t start


One cold day you want to use your Honda model Rafaga and hard luck, your amazing car won’t start!

Don’t worry, albeit i can only just presume your difficulty, generally there are some facts to check in order to diagnose the source of the issue and get your car running as before very quickly.

Let’s see with each other some of the most reasons that make your car cease to start and then how fixing them without losing the majority of your money and your hairs

My Honda Rafaga won t start

Check the battery of your Honda Rafaga

Mostly, a screwed or dropping battery is simply the key reason of no-start. You might has left lights on or various other electronic device like the radio and your battery’s existence is fully gone.

To be sure that the electric battery of your car is faulty, generally there are some symptoms to examine:

  • The engine block of your car cranks still won’t start
  • Nothing at all work each time you turn the key
  • The engine operates one time and no longer the second
  • You are suffering from issues the minute the engine motor is cold
  • The car battery is aged

These signs aforementioned demonstrates to you that is time to replace your Honda Rafaga battery right away

Alternator problem

The alternator of the car gives energy resource to crank up the engine and so regenerate on its own when driving. This car part is made to last around 8 and 10 years and it’s usually maintenance free. However, monitor closely this part considering that is awfully expensive to replace

Generally, when you experience an alternator problem while using your car, a red light occurs on the dashboard

Car starter issue

In the event it’s not really the alternator that is responsible on your car problem, it have to be the starter. You may be capable to identify the starter problem easily. Put in the key into the ignition and try to start the engine. In the event that nothing happen and you are assured that your car battery is fine, it’s the starter. If you just can’t notice a tiny click the minute you turn the key, it should be your car starter that fails you

My Honda Rafaga starter is broken

Have you checked the gas?

It can sounds absurd but occasionally the causes to our complications are much easier than it seems!

If you have reviewed all the points shown in this article and your car always does not start, it could possibly be coming from to a deficiency of fuel.

Now you currently have some information on the reasons that may possibly justify for what reason your car won’t start. If the problem remains, all you need to do is go to a mechanic.

Bear in mind to be cautious with your car each day. A well-held car will cause you lesser problems and will definitely cost you substantially less.

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