My Honda CR-V key fob won’t work


You decided to use your beautiful Honda CR-V nonetheless you simply can’t unblock the doors thanks to your key fob!

You start to worry, wondering what appears wrong with this damn car but keep calm, it’s most likely nothing at all! We are going find out mutually the probable things that causes your key fob no further open up your car

To start with, we should certainly examine if this is a remote key concern by simply employing the backup key. In the case you observe that the doors of your automobile open up while having this key set, it is clearly the battery of your key fob letting you down. In such a case the solution is fairly simple and easy. Purchase a new battery, type CR2032 or CR2025 and change the damaged battery by the new one and you’re done. No need to reprogram the remote key with a elementary exchange of battery.

My Honda CR-V remote key is not working

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A bad contact on your remote key?

Assuming the unlock button of your key fob does not work yet others appear to be working, it’s certainly a poor contact. In cases like this, you will need to either make an effort to fix the loose connection on your own or acquire a recent key that will have to be programmed to go in your automobile. We encourage you to get a new key, you will gain time and the price will not ruin you.

Reprogram the Remote Key of your Honda CR-V

To reprogram a remote key purchased on the net, you should need to adopt these simple steps, which fit in on most automobiles. Your car may likely request more manipulation. In cases like this, simply just locate the documentation guide furnished with your car.

  • Jump into your car equipped with your key and the remote key you previously bought.
  • Stick the key into the ignition and turn on without starting your car. Dependant upon your car brand, you may perhaps need to perform this operation multiple times.
  • Soon after you have efficaciously engaged your car in to program mode, which performs a sound once it’s performed, press any key on your new remote key and you’re done.

However, if all the suggestions presented previously scares you and you don’t believe the fact that you can easily repair your remote key on your own, you can actually call a mechanic.

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