My Alpine A110 air conditioning (A/C) is not working


The air conditioning have become one extremely essential point in our vehicles, maybe because of the climate change or due to our preference for much higher standard of coziness.

Therefore, you can be extremely attached to this important features in your Alpine A110 and simply can’t imagine traveling without it.

Although one day, the air conditioning begins to reveal some nasty signs or more painful, is not going to function!

Let’s detect mutually the points which usually demonstrate this breakdown and how to repair the air conditioning of your car.

Before we start by looking at the possibilities to repair the air conditioning of your car, bear in mind that this functionality breaks down as follows:

  • Compressor: This mechanical component put the refrigerant gas under pressure
  • Condenser: Located in front of the car, the condenser release the heat coming from the compressor
  • Evaporator: Located into the car, it provides fresh air to the driver and passengers
  • Thermal expansion valve: This component changes the hot hair into a fresh one
  • Drier/accumulator: These components are essential for the cleanliness of the air conditioning of your car

My Alpine A110 air conditioning is not working

Troubleshoot Air Conditioning of your Alpine A110

The air conditioning (AC) of my car is leaking

The most commonly seen root cause of an air conditioning concern with a car is refrigerant loss. Generally there are two causes that very often explain this type of loss of refrigerant in the air conditioning: the age of your vehicle and the occurrence of mold.

One additional critical point to spot a plausible leak: the occurrence of oil stain made up of Freon, the compressed gas that acts as energy for the air conditioning of your car.

In the case you have any doubt, drive your car to the mechanic. The air conditioning of vehicles incorporates harmful products for your well being!

The air conditioning (AC) of my Alpine A110 smells bad

If it turns out your car’s air conditioning emits rank odors, you very likely have mold and several other bacteria! If you believe it’s nothing, reconsider. Additionally to the terrible odor, these types of bacteria can be dangerous to your body!

Generally, basically replacing the air filter systems in your automobile’s interior is likely to remove the terrible smell of the air conditioning

The air conditioning of my Alpine A110 is making noises

In the instance that your car generates a bizarre sound after you switch on air conditioning, chances are you’ll be struggling with a severe situation. Generally, a sound at this level shows that the air conditioning compressor is going to soon be broken down and that you are going to end up without any air conditioning in your car.

At the merest suspect sound, move promptly to your technician who would certainly fix that for you!

It is now obvious, generally there are multiple conceivable causes for a failing air conditioning of your car. We want to tell you. Like battery replacement of your Alpine A110 , the air conditioning system also comes with harmful products. Do not put your well being in jeopardy for a car, it’s not worth the cost!

At least but not least, a bonus point for you: do not let a problem of air conditioning hang. If you delay replacing, your your Alpine A110 won t start, which is quite a bit more challenging!

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