How to replace your Perodua MyVi battery


There is not a single thing more irritating than a battery difficulty. You forgot the lights on or there is a internal difficulty and your Perodua model MyVi battery is lifeless! Not very opportune when you have activities to complete.
Hopefully, the battery replacement action is easy and the only genuine trouble is procuring the most suitable battery for your Perodua model MyVi.

The battery substitution is very painless and it requires only three simple steps!

If you want to discover the perfect battery for your Perodua model MyVi here a couple of suggestions that you can look for on Amazon, a respected website

Just after selecting your next battery, observe these next guidelines and you will definitely be fine again with your car

Prior to replacement of your battery, shall we remind you to park the car in a super stable place, emergency break on and be clear that the engine is off!

1 – Remove the battery wires

The battery is found under the hood of your automobile. Pull out the hood release lever located on the driver side. Soon after you get access to the battery, you will certainly notice that now there is two cable connections over it. Be careful, there is one positive cable and one negative cable. You have to bear in mind where these were positioned in or you will be in trouble when setting back the brand-new battery on your car.

2 – Detach the previous battery of your Perodua model MyVi

Disassembling the old deceased battery from your car should not be a trouble. As soon all cables are removed, just detach the former battery and there you go. Be attentive simply because batteries can be very heavy. If you aren’t convinced about your muscle, help could be enjoyable.

If you find out some dust or any sort of different impurities, grab a cloth and keep clean the battery’s holder to avoid any sort of difficulty for the upcoming point

Change battery on Perodua MyVi

3 – Set up the latest battery on your Perodua model MyVi

If you accomplished techniques perfectly, you will remember the old and unwanted battery location. Set up the brand-new battery in the same location and put the positive cable on the corresponding place and same for the negative cable.

Now your car should be working like the first day!

Soon after your battery is removed, don’t put the previous battery in the garbage or in the outdoors! This car product is seriously toxic and it will be damageable for the environnement. Go recycling the battery or perhaps take it back again in a garage!

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