How to replace your Koenigsegg CCR battery


There certainly is absolutely nothing more exasperating than a battery concern. You forgot the lights on or there is a intrinsic concern and your Koenigsegg model CCR battery is inactive! Not very useful when you have tasks to accomplish.
Lucky you , the battery substitution action is unproblematic and the main actual pain is acquiring the optimal battery for your Koenigsegg model CCR.

The battery substitution is very simple and easy and it takes only three steps!

If you desire to get the perfect battery for your Koenigsegg model CCR here a few suggestions that you are likely to discover on Amazon, a respected website

Soon after getting your next battery, practice these next techniques and you should be ready to go back again with your car

Prior to replacing your battery, we want to remind you to park the automobile in a secure place, emergency break on and be clear the fact that the engine is off!

1 – Disconnect the battery cable connections

The battery is found below the hood of your car. Pull out the hood release lever placed on the driver area. Right after you have access to the battery, you will definitely identify that right now there is two cable connections on it. Be attentive, there is one positive cable and one negative cable. You have to remember where these were positioned in or you can be in a tough time when positioning back the better battery on your car.

2 – Take out the old battery of your Koenigsegg model CCR

Taking away the old flat battery from your car should not be a issue. As soon all cables are taken out, just detach the old battery and there you go. Be very careful simply because batteries can be incredibly weighty. If you aren’t optimistic about your capacity, support could be useful.

In the case you find some filth or any kind of various impurities, seize a cloth and clean the battery’s holder to prevent any sort of complications for the following point

Change battery on Koenigsegg CCR

3 – Set up the latest battery on your Koenigsegg model CCR

In the case you completed things good, you will remember the old and unwanted battery location. Insert the brand-new battery in the corresponding location and attach the positive cable on the matching place and then same way for the negative cable.

Now your car should be working like the first day!

As soon your battery is replaced, don’t put the former battery in the trash can or in the nature! This car product is highly poisonous and it might be damageable for the environnement. Go recycling the battery or perhaps bring it back again in a garage!

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