How to replace your Ford Consul battery


You’ll find nothing in the world more demoralizing than a battery concern. You forgot the lights on or there is a intrinsic concern and your Ford model Consul battery is inactive! Not very useful in the event that you have tasks to achieve.
Lucky you , the battery substitution process is pain-free and the only specific discomfort is selecting the appropriate battery for your Ford model Consul.

The battery substitution is very basic and it involves only three steps!

If you wish to get the perfect battery for your Ford model Consul here some proposals that you can obtain on Amazon, a world famous website

After choosing your future battery, observe these next steps and you should be all set back again with your car

Before changing your battery, shall we remind you to park the vehicle in a reliable place, emergency break on and be sure the fact that the engine is off!

1 – Detach the battery wires

The battery is actually placed under the hood of your vehicle. Pull out the hood release lever present on the vehicle driver area. Quickly as you have access to the battery, you will certainly identify that there is two cable connections in there. Be very careful, there is one positive cable and one negative cable. You have to remember where these were positioned in or you can be in stress while applying back the brand-new battery on your car.

2 – Remove the older battery of your Ford model Consul

Taking out the old useless battery from your car should certainly not be a difficulty. Immediately after all cables are taken off, just remove the previous battery and there you go. Be vigilant because batteries can be very heavy. If you are not sure about your power, support would be great.

In the event that you experience some filth or any other pollutants, seize a cloth and remove the battery’s receptacle to prevent any sort of concerns for the next stage

Change battery on Ford Consul

3 – Install the fresh new battery on your Ford model Consul

In the case you accomplished tasks well, you definitely will remember the former battery position. Put the brand-new battery in the corresponding position and join the positive cable on the corresponding space and same way for the negative cable.

Now your car should be working like the first day!

Soon after your battery is changed, don’t put the former battery in the trash or in the environment! This car component is highly harmful and it can be damageable for the environnement. Go recycle the battery or maybe bring it back in a garage!

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